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2018/19 Season Fall Practice Schedule

2018 Fall Youth Development Academy

Meet The Coaches

Sunday August 19th Scrimmage Schedule

Fenton Turf (11v11)

8am 06 Girls Blue vs. 05 Boys White  Josh vs. Cam
9am 05 Boys Blue vs. 05 Boys White Dean vs. Cam 
10am 06 Girls Blue vs. 05 Girls Blue Josh vs. Dean
11am 04 Girls Blue vs. 05 Boys Blue Dean vs. Dean
12pm 05 Girls White vs. 06 Boys Blue Jolie vs. Marc
1pm  05 Girls Blue vs. 06 Boys Blue   Dean vs. Marc
2pm 04 Girls Blue vs. 03 Girls White Dean vs. Joe
3pm 05 Girls White vs. 03 Girls White  Jolie vs. Joe
4pm  02 Girls Blue vs. 03 Girls Blue Seath vs. Art
5pm  00 Girls Blue vs. 03 Girls Blue  Mike vs. Art
6pm  00 Girls Blue vs. 02 Girls Blue  Mike vs. Seath 

Sports Lab (7v7)

8am  09 Boys Blue vs. 08 Boys Blue Joe vs. Marc
9am 10 Boys Blue vs. 08 Boys Blue Mike vs. Marc
10am  11 Boys Blue 1 vs. 11 Boys Blue 2  Mike  vs. Mike
11am 10 Boys Blue vs. 09 Boys Blue  Mike vs. Joe
12pm 11 Boys Blue 1/2 vs. 10 Girls White  Mike vs. Josh 
1pm 10 Girls Blue vs. 09 Girls Blue Josh vs. Cam 
2pm 10 Girls Blue vs. 10 Girls White  Josh vs. Josh 
3pm  07 Girls White vs. 09 Girls Blue    Jose vs. Cam 

Fenton JV (9v9)

4pm  07 Boys Blue vs. 06 Boys Blue  Dean vs. Marc
5pm 07 Girls Blue vs. 07 Boys Blue    Josh vs. Dean 
6pm  07 Girls White vs. 08 Girls Blue Jose vs. Josh
7pm  07 Girls Blue vs. 08 Girls Blue Josh vs. Josh


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    La Forza Soccer Club

    La Forza Soccer Club was founded in 1994 as a non-profit organization based in Fenton, MI. Our goal is to develop player ability, fitness, and self-confidence in teams that play soccer at a competitive level that fans enjoy. La Forza Soccer club is committed to providing an excellent opportunity for players of all talent levels from the Fenton and surrounding areas to develop their maximum soccer potential.

    Our coaching staff are dedicated to the development of players, working hard to develop player skills thru technical and tactical training to take players to their highest playing level. Most importantly, in La Forza Soccer Club we will develop a players love for soccer by encouraging skillful and fair playing.

    We encourage you to consider La Forza Soccer Club for your son or daughter, as we are committed to providing high quality coaching, technical skill development training, and competitive play for players of all ages and skill levels.

    Kim Skidmore

    Kim Skidmore

    La Forza Soccer Club

    Phone: 1-810-964-GOAL (4625)

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